Bikini or Brazilian, which wax is right for me?

Apr 23, 2024 | Waxing & Skin

Headed to the beach, going out on the boat? If wearing a bathing suit is in your immediate future, you may want to consider waxing that bikini line. When it comes to being smooth and hair-free down there, a Brazilian or Bikini Wax are both excellent options. They are, however, different when it comes to how much hair is removed. Unsure which to choose? I’ll give you the skinny on key differences and help you make an informed decision based on your personal preferences and comfort level.

Get Ready for the Full Monty: Brazilian Wax

If you’re looking to go all-in and embrace the ultimate in hair removal, a Brazilian wax is the way to go. This waxing style involves the removal of all hair, from the front to the back. It’s a fantastic choice if you desire a completely bare look or like to rock a high-cut swimsuit.

Keeping It Neat and Tidy: Bikini Wax

If you prefer a more conservative approach, try a bikini wax. It focuses on removing hair along the bikini line, both on the sides and at the top. Basically, any hair that would peek out of your swimsuit will be removed. This includes the thighs and stomach.

Something in between: French Bikini

This is the perfect in-between option. Think of it as a “deep” bikini wax. We will remove a majority of the hair from the sides and top of the bikini line, and you will have the option to remove the hair from the labia, or between the cheeks.

Male Brazilian

We didn’t forget about you guys! You have options too. You can also choose the Full Monty (aka:manzilian) or another popular choice for guys is the “sack and crack”. This is exactly what it sounds like, you don’t have to take it all off to be clean and tidy! Your girlfriend will love it as much as you love her Brazilian!

Personal Preference: Brazilian vs. Bikini Wax

Now that you understand the basic differences between a Brazilian and a Bikini Wax, it’s time to consider what suits you best. Think about why you’re getting waxed in the first place (To feel confident at the pool? To be trim and tidy?) and the look you want to achieve. Remember, there’s no right or wrong choice here—it’s all about what makes you feel most confident and comfortable.

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