5 questions for your waxer

Jan 27, 2024 | Waxing & Skin

  1. Can you wax on your period?
    Absolutely, and we don’t mind if you don’t mind. Just please be sure to wear a tampon or menstrual cup during your treatment. But one thing to note is that some people are more sensitive during their “cycle”. You can always take an ibuprofen prior to your wax to mitigate any discomfort.
  2. Can you get waxed with hemorrhoids?
    You sure can. Don’t worry, we see it all the time. We just avoid that area by going around your little friend. It is completely normal, and we never judge.
  3. Am I too hairy?
    There is no such thing as too hairy, we are all different. Let’s be honest, that is why you came to us, to remove the hair. If you feel that your hair is too long, you can certainly trim it. Be sure to leave at least a half inch of hair though, anything shorter will be too short to wax.
  4. Can I have sex after a wax?
    Sorry, but the answer is no. I know you are excited to show off your new “do”, but please wait 24 hours before intercourse. When the follicle is open and irritated, you have a higher risk of bacteria entering the skin that could cause infection.
  5. Can I go to the beach after a wax?
    Again, the answer is no. We recommend staying out of the sun after your wax because of an increased risk of sunburn. In addition, when the follicle is open you have an increased risk of infection. It is not recommended to swim in public spaces where there could be bacteria present in the water.

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